Michelle Richee of Farmington is preparing to travel nearly 7,000 miles to her first destination in Pakistan to feed the hungry, teach literacy, start an orphanage and put a roof on a church. Richee is a missionary. This trip celebrates her 30th year of international missionary work. MRM 2018 World Tour, beginning this month, will be her last missionary journey, according to Richee.

After her work in Pakistan is complete, she will go to neighboring India and distribute bibles, visit the orphans and widows and speak with church leaders. Finances permitting, many nations in Africa have pleaded with her to come, as well.

Richee, an ordained minister, attended Rhema Bible Training College. She has been interviewed on radio and television numerous times and her voice has reached hundreds of thousands. She stands firm in asking “Why should Americans get to hear the Gospel more than once, when so many have not heard it once?” She has also been interviewed by Pat Robertson's The 700 Club and the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

Boxes of bibles are stacked in Richee's apartment that were donated by JOYCE MEYER and KENNETH COPELAND MINISTRIES. “I need people to help me ship these bibles!” Each box of 10 cost $97 to ship. Blackwelder Ministries of Tulsa, Oklahoma has also donated to this final mission journey. I am ready to leave as soon as the airfare money is gathered (through donations), says Richee.

Since 1988 she has taken the Gospel to Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Europe, Africa, Europe, Asia and across the United States. Her ministry remains in great demand as she boldly crosses all denominational boundaries. “If they believe the bible is the Word of God” that is the only requirement. When Richee travels out of the USA, 99% of the time there is no donation or offering taken for her. This is because she goes to so many underdeveloped nations where people live in poverty.

For this final world tour she will be gone a minimum of 3 months and needs $5000 just to cover airfare. Richee leads the ministry team which represents the nations of the United States, Uganda and India. Team members include: Irman and Saima Paul, John Muneza and Daniel Davuluri. Her motto, when you mean business with God, God will mean business with you.

Richee has co-pastored two churches in younger years and had a radio broadcast in St. Louis. She attends local worship services at The Missing Peace, Park Hills, when she is in the area. She has two children, Brandon Goesmann of Farmington & Kris Goesmann of Park Hills and 7 grandchildren. Richee's heart is big and so is the vision and the budget. Donations are coming, but she needs much more. You can safely give online using or through, or mail your donation to MRM, PO Box 1424, Farmington, MO 63640. is the official website online.

Children pray
Pastor Imran Paul and family